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Please note: Due to the volume of orders, Fork Lift Cameron Park is unable to process orders for certain items on the following pickup date(s): December 8, 2022


Picnic Perfect pairings packed for a perfect picnic

Lunch items including a sandwich, potato chips, pasta salad, an apple and cookie

Build-Your-Own Boxed Lunch


Each lunchbox includes a whole sandwich, a 4-oz. seasonal salad, chips, fruit and a cookie. Sandwiches come with crisp lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and a mayonnaise and mustard packet. 

*Our stores are mixed–use facilities that utilize flour, soy, tree nuts, milk and other possible allergens in all parts of our kitchens.

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    Due to the volume of orders, this item is not available for pickup at Fork Lift Cameron Park on the following date(s): December 8, 2022

PIC0102 Fork Lift USD $17