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Peet's K-Cup Coffee Peet's K-Cup Coffee Peet's K-Cup Coffee
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Peet's K-Cup Coffee

10 CT. package

Selected varieties


SKUs included:

  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Colombia Luminosa 0078535701288
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Major Dickason's Blend 0078535702435
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Caramel Brulee 0078535702424
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Hazelnut Mocha 0078535702423
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Vanilla Cinnamon 0078535702422
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Decaffeinated Especial 0078535701909
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee People & Planet Alma De La Tie 0078535701712
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee French Roast 0078535702472
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Cafe Domingo 0078535702468
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Decaf House Blend 0078535702466
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee House Blend 0078535702465
  • Peet's K-cup Coffee Big Bang 0078535702463

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